Most of my working life has taken place in clinical microbiology laboratories. The past few years I’m in a lab just one day a week – I like to think it is keeping my brain oiled and tuned up. When outsiders walk through the door you can see their noses wrinkle and usually they will comment on the “atmosphere”. We, of course, don’t smell anything untoward at all. And, if you like what you are doing, well then that atmosphere is almost welcoming and always interesting.

But every once in awhile, after opening the incubator, a Jaw Dropping stench will waft out and permeate every corner of the laboratory. One of THOSE bugs. We are each wondering (1) is this odor coming from my stack of plates and (2) will there be a quick and straightforward identification. We all know it will be hanging around a day or two or three until identified and the final report Is sent off to the physician.

Well, maybe I’m the only one thinking all that. But it sure is stinky.

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