Epilogue (I like doing this):

The EDiM topic for today was to represent Joy. Huh? A little too touchy-feely pink and lacey for me. BUT THEN I received an e-mail from Judy a few days ago announcing the resumption of “Figure al Fresco” downtown at Battery Park City’s South Cove on May 1. I decided, even though the topic was #3, that I was going to use this opportunity as my “joy” because I KNEW it would be a good day. I just knew it. I made secret plans with myself, checked the train schedule, altered a habit or two and actually got out of bed early(!!) Wednesday morning bursting with energy.

Chapter 1:
The day was bright and sunny, cool in the shade but I was comfortable in my red hoodie. I arrived a bit early so walked around for a bit looking at the river and tug boats. I went back to the circle of benches and spotted Judy. Nice and shady area, recognized and chatted with some women from last year. When the instructor/coordinator/facilitator (forget right now what she is called) arrived she had us move down by the water where it was sunny and warmer for the model.

For the ten 1-minute and five 2-minute warmup poses I used the supplied newsprint and pencils.

Next the longer poses started so I took out iPat. It is a big challenge to draw in the sun. I had to move around and draw in my shadow. I guessed at the colors. (This is the ONLY negative I will ever say about my BFF – wins first prize in the glare competition.)

The photo below shows the conditions we were subjected to. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Since I didn’t get anyone’s permission for this photo I had some fun with it.

Chapter 2:
I decided that I would go to the beginning of the High Line and walk to the end which is about a mile and would leave me a few blocks west and south from Penn Station. I also decided that I wasn’t going to pay any attention to the time. I didn’t care. Battery Park is all the way downtown so I took the bus with Judy. She got off in the West Village and I stayed on until a few blocks before the numbered streets started.

Chapter 3:
At 14th Street I walked westward a couple of blocks, climbed the stairs and commenced a Really Really Really nice walk north to 30th Street. Nothing and no one annoyed me. It was uncrowded, I was comfortable and moving at a nice pace.

The train I caught was an express, I easily snagged a window seat and, still, nobody was annoying me. At Dunkin’ I bought a 2-scoop cup of frozen vanilla yogurt (yum) for desert after dinner. And ALL DAY I was happy happy stupidly happy and my heart was filled with non-frilly non-lacey JOY. I knew it would.

(ArtRage app, Pogo Sketch stylus)