I took a sheet of Black Canson Mi Tientes and tore it down following Teesha Moore’s 16 page journal instructions. You can google it – if I link it the video shows up and I don’t like that.

I monoprinted both sides of each sheet (3 sheets make up the 16 pages with flaps also counting as a page. I will do further printing on some later this week when I’m with my friends in the city.

I will also do more stamping. The white marks below are some preliminary marks made with fun foam stamps and acrylic paint. The blue circles are made with the end of a cork I found while walking.

At the same time I cleaned my brayer off on blank journal spreads in my small Moleskine.

After awhile I started monoprinting directly on the spreads by actually putting the open book facedown on the Gel Printing Plate.

I ended up with twelve-ish spreads and will try to do some stamping as another layer later this week.

All of this printing was to basically get an interesting background on which to do something or other one of these days. See “Underground Tales” and “Getting There Tales” from last month and the very beginning of this month.

(If anyone is curious about the process there are very good videos on line demonstrating monoprinting using the Gel Printing Plate. It is a very quick, easy and fun process.)