Last month Benedicte, Gloria and I met around Shirley’s dining room table and, using acrylic paint and Gel Printing Plates, had a messy blast. We came prepared with paper torn down from a sheet of watercolor paper following Teesha Moore’s 16 page journal instructions and proceeded to print and overprint on both sides. Loads of miscellaneous papers were also tried.

I used pages of my little Moleskine sketch book as a place to clean off excess paint from the brayer and to also use some of the fun foam stamps we were using on the Gelli plates. I ended up with nine willy-nilly kind of background spreads in the journal.

The time sure sped by and then before I knew it I was on a subway headed downtown to have some Pad Thai (yum) with Benedicte and a meeting of the Textile Study Group of which she is a member and I was a guest.

A couple of days later I got out my old printmaking stencils (from days of monotype making on an etching press), black gesso, a  brush and worked on a spread in the Moleskine and a page of the larger journal. Day by day the story in my head was coming out and I was pleased.

Still, there was danger lurking in the sidelines.

iPat kept reminding me that there was a drawing in her that ONLY needed a bit of cleanup around the edges. Temptation. Like potato chips – bet you can’t eat (do) just one. BUT I WAS STRONG. I knew as soon as I put stylus to screen that the brush in the other room would languish, gesso coagulate and paper shrivel and crumble.