I don’t care.  I drew this image a couple of years ago in my journal (pen and paper) while at MOMA with the gang, and visitors Gwen and Phil.  That following August I used it in a silkscreen monotype. Then, this past October, I did a composite Matisse/Cezanne after my visit to The Barnes in Philadelphia.  I’ve blogged all of them.
Today Shirley, Benedicte, Teri and I went to the members’ preview of “Matisse:  In Search Of True Painting” at the Met. Very very nice exhibition.  After examining every painting and drawing we scattered and selected artwork to copy.  I settled on a bench, took out iPat and the stylus, and copied one of my favorites using the wrong hand, digital pencil and digital watercolor.  I felt completely at home.



Then we headed to the George Bellows exhibition.  WOW!!!  His painting of light knocked me off my feet.  I was immediately transported INTO these paintings – all of them.  I have never experienced this before.  Like I said, WOW!!!  After lunch in the museum we stopped in at “African Art, New York, and the Avant-Garde”.  By this time I was totally whipped, and, even though Benedicte dangled the notion of Pad Thai for dinner, I didn’t have an ounce of oomph left and headed for the bus to Penn Station instead.

**ArtRage app, Pogo Sketch stylus