It was such a beautiful day. I went to the park about 2:30 for a nice long walk. In the trunk of my car was my backpack containing iPat, journal, pens and a novel. The plan was that I would sit in the car after I exhausted myself and draw nature wrong handedly. I finished an extra large Dunkin’ just before heading out so the limiting factor to this plan was whether or not there was an unlocked ladies room. Extra large coffee. Just sayin’. —
I had a thought: since I can’t seem to draw nature with the correct hand maybe the confusion in my brain, caused by drawing with the other one, would cancel out all the nature mishmash in front of my eyes. Sounds reasonable, right? Didn’t work one iota.


Instead I gave in to playing around with the image. When I looked up and noticed the sun had almost set I hightailed it out of that woodsy spot. Zoom.
ArtRage app, Pogo Sketch stylus