The nor’easter is howling outside. There is Snow! Phooey. Woof was right – this sucks. TV is turned up LOUD so I don’t hear the thumps I’ve never heard before. I think the TV guy just said that the winds aren’t as high as expected. Could have fooled me.

I decided to pay some attention to these two, again using my non-dominant hand. It’s an interesting experience doing this. I’m sure all sorts of strange things are happening inside my head – I hope some of it is brain exercise. I really should investigate.


Speaking of exercise and lack-of-gas stir-craziness: I put the pedometer in my pocket and then walked round and round and round the fireplace that separates the kitchen and living room until I reached one mile. I broke it up into three increments. Yes. I got dizzy.

–(ArtRage app, Pogo Sketch stylus)