On Friday we (one corner of the triangle changed into someone else around noon-ish) went gallery hopping in Chelsea.  Exhaustion from the hard pavement, loooonnnggg east/west streets, sun beating down while criss-crossing said streets, up-down elevator rides and a couple of closed galleries was remedied by each of us scarfing down a delish panini (yum).
One of the galleries we stopped in had some paintings by Adolph Gottlieb.  Before we left Benedicte opened one of the books of his pictographs. (careful, two miscellaneous pictures seemed to get into the middle of these images).   Wow!  This was the first time I had seen these.  Right then and there we decided we would have an art day at the end of the month around Shirley’s dining room table – to make Pictographs!  iPads and smart phones were whipped out and calendars marked.  E-mails were sent to absent-with-doctor’s-note-Teri.  
I moved about ten of the Gottlieb images into a special book (Book Creator app) I have in iPat that contains images for inspiration.  By then I was catching on to what a pictograph was.  A sliver of “Ah Ha” was trying to form in my brain.
Today, there was a marathon of Murder She Wrote on TV.  I’ve seen every single episode about 70 times each and it is the perfect background noise – somehow comforting.  I took out iPat (Sketch Club app) and figured I’d try to do a pictograph – maybe I could make the sliver bigger.  I found I was kinda sorta drawing faces, or rather ideas of the faces from the screen and just writing snippets of dialog that caught my attention.
Then, when the drawing was finished, I started fooling with it.  
This is the image I like the best right now:
another bit of change just to demonstrate that I could go on doing this forever (and I was only messing with one layer):
Really, I only prefer the first one because of the text that remained.  By chance it seemed to have a secondary meaning, apart from the television show, and I like those surprises.
The next is the original image which, when the drawing is removed, has a very cool background that I think I am going to try to use tomorrow when I’m out and about (hi Gwen!) in the city again.  
Boy oh Boy – I do love love love iPat.  
In case you didn’t know.