Yes, I know I’m dragging this out but the MOMA Print Studio, aside from being super-duper, unbelievable fun, is hard.  I’m struggling and having all sorts of Inner and Outer Drama with this collage stuff.  Anything that comes together is totally without any conscious effort on my part.  All of a sudden:  Presto Whammo and the journal shouts “Hey!  It’s Finished.  Relax.”  And I breathe a big sigh of relief.  And so do the people sitting near me.




One of the benefits of attending this is the walking.  It is 1.2 miles one way from Penn Station to MOMA.   After walking both ways and all the other incidental walking entailed in copying, tearing, gluing and thinking I rack up at least 3.5 miles every time I go there – and I’m going there A LOT.  Not getting skinny though.