The following journal pages are from a visit to the Museum of the City of New York with the Central Park Sketching Meetup Group.  About 49 of us were there sketching from photographs and drawings in the “Kevin Roche: Architecture as Environment” and “Cecil Beaton:  The New York Years” exhibitions.  I had trouble settling down to sketch but Shirley immediately sprawled on the floor and went right to it.  







One non-sketching-group museum visitor was very annoyed with me while I copied the photograph of Greta Garbo and purposely knocked into my elbow.  That just about guaranteed I wasn’t going to move. I guess she didn’t realize that I’m the kind of artist who embraces scribbles resulting from knocked body parts and then will pretend I’m being spontaneous.



Lastly we visited a gallery of furnished rooms behind installed glass: “New York Interiors:  Furnishings for the Empire City”.  It was too dark in there for me so I sketched one of the sketchers sitting below a wonderful stained glass window.