Last Friday the National Academy Museum and School re-opened after renovations or something.  Admission was free for three days and they also offered some free classes.  Shirley and I opted for the printmaking class where monotyping was demonstrated and we had a chance to each make a print on the press.  I’ve done probably hundreds of monotypes but this was a new experience for Shirley (I think.  Anyway, you can check out her blog because she’ll probably explain everything in more detail).  


I arrived in the city early and settled in for some breakfast and leisurely reading and sketching. 






Then I hopped on a few (3) subways and made my way up to 89th Street and Fifth Avenue where Shirley was already waiting for me.  The museum wasn’t open yet so we walked around the corner and entered the school and checked out the exhibition by students and faculty.  


At 11 am we entered the museum and headed straight for the Will Barnet exhibition on the second floor.  I wasn’t familiar with his work – I think I’ve only vaguely seen some of his art over the years and didn’t pay much attention at the time – but I was blown away by the paintings and prints in this exhibition.


When the time came we walked through the museum to the school entrance, found our classroom and observed and printed.  


It was decided that we would do some sketching back in the museum. “Atlantis” was where we headed – the shapes of the women intrigued us.  I decided to draw with pen in my sketchbook (I later added some watercolor and a bit of collage).




 Another painting, “Two Sisters”, caught my eye so I took out iPat and started to copy it. People were watching me and I was feeling shy but when they started to ask questions I realized they were fascinated by what I was doing and since I was also getting complements I relaxed.  Shirley had to leave but I decided to stay and finish what I was doing.  I sat on the bench opposite the painting and tried to match colors and was soon joined by a (very) older gentleman who asked questions and wanted me to show him what I was doing.  




Have trouble meeting people?  Ask my BFF.