Yesterday I met my friend Scott in the MOMA (ohhh the temptations) bookstore.  We took the escalator up to the 6th floor and spent quite some time looking at the new German Expressionist exhibition.  I love love love looking at the prints from that era(?) and it was a treat to see so many familiar-from-books images in person.  The skill and dense, velvety, black of Kathe Kollwitz’ somber and moving work just floored me.  

Scott was taking a half-day vacation from work.  To my mind it was more like a few-hours vacation since he planned on heading back to the desk.  Such dedication.  That commitment aside, I talked him into walking with me to the Park Avenue Armory to see a “secret (he he)” show that was FREE.  I think it was the freeness that swayed him.  Even when he saw the banners festooned with “Infinite Variety” he had no idea what he was going to encounter once inside.  650 red and white quilts, each one different from the other, were suspended magnificently in the enormous space.  Today I discovered that he enjoyed it more than I suspected.  And, he was paying attention!

We parted ways and I walked uptown and crosstown to the Met where I specifically wanted to see Cezannes Card Players.  Totally worth the rapidly tiring feet. 


Now, ahem, here’s the point where Big Time Imagination is necessary.