I have to because, after all, aren’t we adorable?

We were walking down Madison Avenue after lunch at Table d’Hote and headed towards the Guggenheim Museum.  Shirley corralled some unsuspecting oblivious New Yorker walking by at a fine clip and shoved her camera into the lady’s hand.  Visiting guest Carla Sonheim consented to spend the day with us and we all clicked from the first second of meeting her.  She’s “comfortable”.  Know what I mean?  (Psst – ask her about her “alternate” Photo Booth experience – snicker). 

In the museum we walked up and round and round – separately and coming together in various configurations again and again.  Each of us stopped before artwork that caught our eye and sketched our versions.  Other times we chatted, laughed and tried to surreptitiously snap a picture or two.


I was surprised at how comfortable I felt standing and sketching as crowds of art viewers roiled around me.  


No matter how wonky things turned out I was totally relaxed and enjoying the process.  

Shirley and Teri (chortle, chortle, gasp from laughter) got locked in a stairway (more chortle-ness) as they made their way down to the first floor (door locked), back up again (door locked),  while Benedicte, Carla and I went down using the Proper Stairway (ahem).  
Too soon 4:00 came and Carla had to leave us in order to take care of some errands and get ready for a teaching gig downtown. 


Obviously we will need to take a Field Trip to Seattle.  Hmm.  I wonder if it is on the Bolt Bus route.