There is a backlog of journal spreads.  I don’t know how that happened.  I was keeping on top of things and then Whammo!, sometime this past summer things just started piling up so now I think I’ll post a few older spreads and soon I’ll catch up and be current.  Or current-ish.


Two Silkscreen monotypes using Caran d’Ache water soluble crayons.


After Modigliani.  Did I spell that right?


This one is After Me – I referred to one of my journal pages when I did this.


The next three were silkscreens using freezer paper stencils.


This is me deconstructing an “After Matisse”-ish silkscreen.  I’m pretty sure I posted the un-deconstructed proper one in late August or September.  



More deconstructing with the same screen.



Printed this one and then cleaned up for the day and tossed the stencils.  


This last effort was when I tried to print a third pass with a silkscreen monotype made with the crayons.  No luck.  Just muddy ghost of an image.  I went over it with Inktense pencils and then acrylic paint.  Another After Matisse from a journal spread made while museum going.




You still with me?  

This is just a drop in a bucket.  I’ve got lots more waiting in the wings.