I didn’t feel well today.  A sore throat and very light-headed and generally BLAH.  
Trying to amuse myself I came across this video

(edited May 23,2013: the video doesn’t seem to be there anymore. It was a demonstration on how to set up a zip line in the back yard.)

and I suggested it must have been mentioned by one of the JSGers that this would be a great thing to try. What followed was almost two hours of back and forth five-person e-mails discussing the feasibility of this in great detail.  
It didn’t take long for us to realize that getting from Point A to Point B would probably involve a lot of smashing and splatting on intermediate Points – particularly the large co-op on 85th and Madison.
There must be a way to make this work.  One of us was very excited by the possibility.

(this was done in Photoshop Elements, using photos of the friends)