Some months ago ShirleyMelly and I were viewing a Picasso exhibit somewhere (I don’t remember if it was MOMA or The Met).  We figured that since he was able to successfully interpret another’s painting via linocut, (see Shirley’s blog – she remembers the details better than I do), there was No Reason At All why we couldn’t do the same using Fun Foam. Right?  Sounds reasonable.  We put this brilliant idea on our list of Things To Do at Shirley’s Apartment.  Ah ha – I just remembered – it was The Met – because we passed by a painting of Judith with a severed head and decided that painting might be a likely candidate for interpretation/abstraction.  A couple of other paintings appeared possible also.  Ahem – a bit of a pause here while I “toot my own horn” –  Check out Sept/Oct Cloth Paper Scissors (pg. 28 etc. ) to see how we went about it.
Yesterday was the big day.  We gathered at Shirley’s earlier than usual, drank coffee and chatted and finally took out our art supplies.  Melly and Shirley used Judith as their inspiration.   I found inspiration elsewhere – El Greco’s “Jerome as Scholar”.  I do believe one would be hard pressed to tell which are the originals and which the copies. 
It was more difficult than I expected – we had to constantly bully and threaten, um, encourage Shirley which was exhausting. Instead of throwing us out she fed and ignored us and finally made some tags so we would have a complete set.
The workmen outside the dining room window provided entertainment – they nonchalantly peeked at us as they walked by.  As soon as we broke out the fun foam and concentrated they seemed to walk by more frequently – openly looking at us.  Joke’s on them though.  One of them appears in my 100 Faces (#30) and Shirley hid in the shadows one day and drew two of them.  
By the way, Rayna, you are #83.