In September I drew 100 faces – as per Carla Sonheim‘s Drawing Lab book.  Faces are drawn from life, from magazines, from photos of people I know, one is from my imagination.   It’s interesting that, even though I was doing the drawing, all the faces turned out different.  Gratifying.  I decided to only use pens – no pencil at all.  There were only  two that were so horrible I HAD to rip them up and start again.  I found that I really like drawing with Sharpie pens – orange, green, purple, red – and a tiny fountain pen I bought at the Japanese bookstore on 6th Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets.  Even the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen failed to scare me.  I didn’t cut squares of paper to work on – that’s a pain  and a bother and would just give lazy me an excuse to not draw.


My friend Shirley is also doing this lab but she is strictly drawing from life.  If you sit opposite her on a bus or subway you are fair game.  She has a few squares of pre-cut watercolor paper, a pencil and a tiny set of paints all at the ready.  On her face (which I drew three times, by the way) she wears a perfect expression of nonchalance and no one ever suspects that she is scrutinizing their nostrils, wrinkles and sideburns.






Yes, tags.  50 tags with faces on both sides.  And, made into a book.