On Saturday I got up at 5 am and arrived in front of  Benedicte’s house at 6:40 am.  She said she was leaving 6:45/7.  I was gripped with terror as I sped along the dark, pre-dawn  parkway – not at my record breaking speed but at the thought that I would be LATE.    When I reached the New Rochelle tolls I went all the way to the left for the EZ Pass  which is what I usually do when driving up to Connecticut.  But as I went left I saw through the toll booths that my exit was immediately after that – just a few yards!  All the way to the right!   I passed through the booth, saw that there was no traffic and zoomed across 7 or 8 lanes almost horizontally.  Yikes.  I was so terrorized by the thought of being late and of Benedicte driving off into the sunrise that the thought of having to go to the next exit and turning around was just an impossible option.

Benedicte drove us up to the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival.  It was the day after a nor’easter blew through and the skies were clear but the temperature had dropped considerably and there were still frequent gusts of wind.  On went the winter coats and layers underneath.

I paid no attention to where I was – just let Benedicte lead me in one door and out another.  We must have gone through hundreds of doors.  She seemed to know where we were at all times and I couldn’t tell which door I had just walked out of.  All I know is that I would spot something, show it to her and ask if this was a good price and either put it back or whip out my credit card.  


There were two other common activities – squeezing hanks of wool and taking photos of sheep, llamas, alpacas – I left the puppy & bunny snapping to her.


She spent a lot of time with this glassy-eyed, open-mouthed expression.  


We ended up in the tasting barn and went down the line, armed with toothpicks, munching on one cheese after another and finally finishing up with a bag of fresh made popcorn (Kettle corn?).  Footsore, stiff and broke we headed home.


Look at that face.  Now do you understand my morning terror at being late and rousing her wrath and impatience?