Yesterday the usual suspects spent the day here  thermofax-ing our way into Nirvana.  


Bright and early I drove into the city and picked up Shirley at her apartment.   We got through the Lincoln Tunnel with ease and found the designated breakfast diner right where it was supposed to be – thanks to the expert navigation from Shirley I just drove and didn’t have to pay a whit of attention to where I was going.  When she said “left”, “right, “stay in this lane, I turned or stayed – complete Picture of Obedience, that’s me.  We had a yummy breakfast of French Toast and lots of coffee.   In retrospect, I can’t help but think that Shirley is a Terrible Influence.  As a reminder check out my irrefutable evidence from a previous post:




Upon reaching  Rayna’s studio about an hour later what is the first thing we see?





In the studio we found our spots and soon Debbie and Kate joined us.  Rayna assisted Benedicte and Shirley in planning and making their first screens since this was new to them.  Soon we were all quietly reducing/enlarging images at the copy machine, cutting, arranging, copying again, burning screens and taping.  




The only sound was the ripping of duck tape.




Of, course, some of us needed to cut precise edges instead of ripping but I won’t mention who that was.


We were all so enthused with making “screens, need more screens”,  that poor, beleaguered Rayna had to rush home to get an additional supply to keep us from becoming violent.


Before that a halt was called so that she could show the newbies how to print using the thermofax screens and fabric paint.  




Ok, we were now ready to get the show on the road.  But first, I had to nip a potential problem with Shirley in the bud.  She had a certain Tendency so I was forced draw the line.




Yes, I am aware that those red-taped screens, which are mine, are crossing the line. 


Off we all went, printing, printing, printing.    Out of the corner of my eye, on the other side of the Border, I saw that Shirley had quietly printed her first screen on a looong strip of cotton and it was PERFECT!  Phew.  I really wanted her to like this process.




(see how long that is?  good thing I nipped Ms. Wanderer’s tendency) (and, yes, I quickly moved my journal back onto my side before she looked up) (and my paper towel and palette)


I was pleased that images I was uncertain about printed perfectly.  Yay.  This is just a mish mosh sampling of what I did. The doggie on the tag is from Benedicte and the yellow it is printed on  is from a background screen that she successfully used to cover an old drop cloth.  




Appearances can be deceiving.  Believe me when I tell you that in that messy, confusion there are some (drum roll) Very Serious Ideas.  Trust me.  


While Benedicte was printing along, layer after layer and cloth after cloth, Shirley and I went back to making more screens which we could use for printing at home.  Between us we must have burned about 7000+ images, 5500 of them by me.  Here is some of the evidence – you can see her fondling some of her new freshly burned screens:




And thinking, thinking, thinking.


Here Shirley is standing in front of her looong strip and behind her is a peek at one of Benedicte’s multi-layered cloths.  




As the clock ticked down even Benedicte started preparing new screens for home use.  Intense purpose and concentration is evident as she doctors up her copy.




Eventually we had to stop.  I th
ink Rayna would have let us go on forever but we all had quite a bit of traveling ahead of us and rush hour was looming.  We were all very tired and very happy 




and obviously much younger than when we arrived.  


Benedicte drove off in her direction and Shirley and I were able to leisurely  admire the Manhattan skyline as we “strolled” up to and through the Lincoln Tunnel.  After I dropped her off I headed down to the 59th Street Bridge:




Now, I’m going to check the Big Dictionary in the living room and see if “Quirky” has any secret, hidden, obscure meaning that I should be aware of.