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My bundle arrived safe and sound.

My new camera has arrived. A red Canon S780 and I’m in love with it. The camera is actually smaller than an atc!!! These were my first pics-shiny stuff really close up. How wonderful is it that the camera will go into macro mode all by itself when. I was really close to these things. I love that you don’t have to use the on-off switch to turn it on in order to view your pictures. Oh, never mind – I love the whole thing.


Yes, I know the pictures are boring but I am very interested in being able to take close ups so that is what I wanted to discover first. Plus, all this stuff can be played with in photoshop for interesting backgrounds, effects, etc. – the possibilities are limitless – that is why I take pics like this – for future use in my digital art. You never know when a bit of shine will come in handy.


The last one is the inside of one of those aluminum disposable pans that you are supposed to cook your turkey in and then throw away. Not the turkey – unless, of course, I cooked it. All the pics are straight out of the new, beautiful, smart camera w/o touchup except for the pennies which I tinkered with a tiny bit in iPhoto.

Here is the package I sent for IBOL – Iraqi Bundles of Love. Google it. I enjoyed choosing things and making the bundle.


I stuck thread, pins, needles in this cool little pencil box I saw at Staples a while ago. New scissors, loads of buttons and ribbons and, of course lots of fat quarters.


by Scott. At least I hope he saw i on the street.